Sunday, 19 October 2014

Zecchi Love...

We knew before we left home that we would be making a turn at the infamous Zecchi Artshop to buy their incredible Honey-based Watercolors.  We had been dreaming about it since 2012!  It's a small little shop - but seriously - it's like a candy store for artists!

Renee was is heaven and she was so precious!
Capturing her in this store was so thrilling for me because I knew how important it was for her.

As you can see... art supplies stacked to the roof.
Regret - that I didn't buy a Zecchi bag or a Zecchi journal.
I will have to go back...

Being here - was honestly such a treat - we don't get art supply shops like this.
I didn't go mad but I did do a few spoils...
I'm not going to mention how much this cost me... {totally cringing inside}!

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