Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Dollar for your thoughts...

The MillionDollarBuilding - we stumbled upon this find and it intrigued me so much - I guess I would have Googled it but we didn't have great comms but after sharing it on Instagram - a friend shared some information about it.  It is actually called "A Dollar for your Thoughts" .... Apparently this abandoned building has been a problem for Florence... because the aesthetically perfect city with incredible architecture and  then there is this derelict building, which is an eye-sore.  It was an old Convent which later was turned into a University but it has been since abandoned for decades.  They have been excavating this site because it was believed the remains of the woman who sat for the Mona Lisa was buried here... but apparently now the owner has plans to renovate it.  An artist covered this building with one dollar bills - apparently he believed that art is the language that can overcome culture and religious barriers!

Hmmm - I think I like this artist!

Visually beautiful!

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