Sunday, 19 October 2014

Arrivederci Venice - Ciao Florence

We arrived in Florence - to a very tense city!
And immediately we were on edge!!! What we didn't know was we had arrived just after the worst hail storm ever and people were frantic!  Kind of scary arriving in city to feel that when you are already nervous.

We found our incredible Monastery with the remarkable 13th Century front door.
We settled in and rushed to the Zecchi Art Shop and to meet sweet Dot!

With our map in hand we navigated our way to find the artshop and stumbled upon this...
Are you serious - incredible!!!!!
Walking back from Zecchi's

After our incredibly successful trip to the art shop where Dottie found us and Renee was completely adorable - we sat at a little coffee shop with this as our view - the bells ringing in the background, carriages, wet cobble streets with this incredible Duomo in front of us- man alive - I was thrilled!

Where we stood waiting for Beautiful Misty and her family to arrive - 
outside the Florence Duomo

Dot, Renee and Me

We had a lovely dinner together with Misty, her mom and aunt, Dottie, Renee and me!
It was perfect.  I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures!
Renee and I literally had to run back to the Monastery because we had a curfew!
Too funny!

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