Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Goodbye Momma...

I know it's required at times to be apart - but it never easy for me.
Or them - but it's so good too!  We expand, we grow and we appreciate!
We miss, we long and we value!  And it's so healthy!
I'm so grateful that they let me go and so grateful that they understand how important this is to me.
It's so become a part of all of us!

Beautiful tender goodbyes...

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ready to Rock 'n Roll...

Eeeck - I'm all packed and all ready to go.
Everything that I wanted to get done, is done and everything that I needed has been received.  The excitement within the class members has been truly tangible... and it just hit me hard this weekend that I'm going... oh my goodness!  It's been two years of dreaming and planning and saving.  It felt like forever away and now it's finally here.   If I'm totally honest with you, I'm not sure if or when I will get this chance again.  And that kind of breaks my heart but it also makes me want to make every moment count and not take a single moment for granted.

Monday, 1 September 2014

2 Weeks left to go...

Are you kidding me... from 45 days to 2 weeks - just like that!

The weeks have literally been flying by!
I'm trying desperately to slam on the brakes but it's been tough going!
I picked up my luggage a week ago and a lite messenger bag for daily outings... nothing heavy for the incredible daily walks.  This year I have decided not to take the big camera with because travelling with that added bag/size camera was quite cumbersome.  I have my cellphone.  I'm thinking I might pick up a small happy snappy at duty free!  But otherwise keeping it as light as possible.  In the meantime my suitcase is open and I'm starting to put things inside as I go.  I will definitely do a trial pack run this weekend.  I'm hoping to have everything that I need done and dusty by this weekend.  Leaving the last week open for necessities only.  And prepping the week as much as I can for Digz and the girls... making sure things run as smoothly for them as possible too.

I love how excited we all are about my trip!
I love that my beautiful people, just get it!
I'm truly blessed!

How sweet - I love how it lies flush on my hip
I found this handcrafted genuine leather pouch for $18
So stoked!