Monday, 3 November 2014

The Beautiful David... in all his glory!

 It was the last "Summer" weekend in Italy and it was Heritage weekend too.  Which meant entry to the museums were virtually free but it also meant the cities were packed.  I don't find this easy at all.  Being an introvert and finding comfort and restoration in quiet spaces - city crowds take their toll on me big time, physically, emotionally and mentally... 

Venice was busy but Florence - wow just felt harder and a little harsher.
The crowds and queues relentless.  But I was absolutely desperate to see The David and the Birth of Venus.  It was a pre-requisite from my girls that I see at least these two attractions.  But I was starting to feel like it wasn't going to happen for me.  So we woke early and Renee and I forfeited breakfast to be standing outside Academia bright and early - we stood for about an hour and an half (if I remember correctly) it wasn't too bad.  We met a delightful couple in front of us and we chatted our way in!

I do love this aspect of travel... 
the one on one convo's you end up having with interesting people along the way!

I was almost giddy with anticipation as we got through the doors.
To walk in and look down the incredible hallway to behold this!
It took my breath away!  I was emotional and I was afraid to talk!

In an instance - I understood what all the fuss was about.
The sheer size was breathtaking!  Not to mention the skill!


To me this picture is so symbolic.
I could hardly believe that little "me" was standing here (literally and figuratively so).
How large and impossible life and dreams might seem and how we diminish ourselves because they seem too big.

How I have longed to see things like this in my lifetime. The greatest gift for me is to show my beautiful girls that they too can stand here.  And one thing I know... is that we try give our children everything humanly possibly but the greatest thing I want to give them - is the notion of dreams but even greater so, to never diminish themselves to think it's impossible but to pursue them wholeheartedly.

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