Thursday, 22 January 2015

Monday... first day in class

I woke up early again.  Sleep has been eluding me.
I was feeling so nervous about being in class.
I headed down to get a small coffee and for a walk around the Monastery gardens.
To sit quietly and draw a little.  Take pictures and just collect myself.

After breakfast - we headed into the Studio.
Sweet Lorraine and Renee kept a seat for me next to them... this helped my nerves a little.
We all headed up to distribute our gifts for each other.

This is what my beautiful desk looked like.
I'm blown away by everyones generosity to each other
Such beauty.

Our first mandate and assignment was to take our Journals and head out into the streets and sketch what we saw.... what???  Oh my goodness my nerves.
My hands couldn't stop shaking... not sure why I was so nervous.


I love what I found... 

I felt so overwhelmed at first that I wouldn't be able to find anything, let alone sketch anything - sometimes I hate what fear places in us.  But once I calmed myself down, I found such beauty and I loved this assignment most of all.  I know this is something I want to grow in - being able to capture moments through sketch that can be later turned into paintings.  It's a skill all on it's own.

I found a bench down a little alley and I sat for quite a while sketching - I seriously loved it.
I know I want to do this more.  Graphite work is so therapeutic.
What a beautiful start to a creative week.

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