Sunday, 22 March 2015

Orvieto... from above

Some of us decided to skip the vineyard tour because we had been before.  Some stayed in the studio to finish painting but I was avoiding my painting and myself - so I kept walking.  So I decided to head up the Clock Tower because I didn't get to do that last time and I hugely regretted it.  I am sooo grateful I went.  I went alone and it was such a beautiful time - one I won't forget for a long time... it was completely breathtaking.

I did the walk up and it wasn't half bad... by the time I got up there, it had started raining and it was even more beautiful.

And I got to hear and record the bells ringing.

I have to say - it's pretty hard to take bad pictures in Orvieto - each and every shot is more beautiful than the next.

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