Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Beautiful Blue Bar love...

I'm saying this again...
This was our home away from home

Because we arrived a day early we had a free day in Orvieto...
Renee, Dot and I headed out to do some shopping and lunch...
After that...  I headed to the Blue Bar for coffee and connection!
I hadn't had a decent coffee or chat to my peeps...
what was better than sitting out here getting my fix.
While I was there chatting to Digz... Beautiful Lorraine and Ted arrived.
I almost squealed with delight - ahhhh it brought tears to my eyes.
The whole afternoon - people started arriving... and it started to feel real.

With all the train strikes and different ordeals - people were arriving with their epic travel stories...
but miraculously just about everyone had arrived.
We all headed out for our first dinner together.

Photo Credit - Kristy Steiner
Beautiful Blue Bar - Wifi Junkies
And that's putting it nicely.

After dinner - spirits were up and then we all heading to the Blue Bar for our fix.
This became an internal joke between all of us and Ted aptly gave us the perfect name...
But I'm not going to mention it here.... ahhh I loved all the joking.  
When you have little people, it's amazing how important connection is.

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