Monday, 3 November 2014

Soft Landing.... Beautiful Orvieto you have stolen my heart!

Finding my soul again...
I woke early Sunday morning because I couldn't sleep.
Headed downstairs and found a cappuccino machine.
And I headed to the monastery gardens and found beautiful precious quiet.
Only the sound of sweet Giovanna, our head nun clipping roses, sweet birds and bells ringing in the distance to keep me company.

This is more me...

My humble room with an incredible view

We arrived after 9pm Saturday night and we were feeling fragile and exhausted and the Monastery San Lodovico was pretty empty and Renee, Dottie and I were literally on opposite ends from each other... and feeling a little afraid.

But nothing like seeing Bill and Kristi and sleep to bring perspective.
Orvieto is gentle and kind and so welcoming after the harshness of busy cities.
In many ways - it felt like coming home... familiar and safe.

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