Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pinch me please... I'm in Venice...

My flights were smooth going all the way...  I think it might have been one of the smoothest long-haul trips I have ever done in terms of my connections etc!  Flying over and into Amsterdam was amazing and heading towards Venice, I went over the Alps!  A delightful surprise.  Arriving in Venice and finding Renee there waiting for me - was such a joy and hearing her sweet accent felt so comforting!  I just immediately felt the stress leave my body!  I had a travel buddy and 2 is always better than 1... I have to say Renee was just the best travel companion, I could have asked for!  She was kind, generous and so thoughtful and we were evenly matched in temperament and character!  I can't tell you how grateful I was to have not only had this precious time with such a special person but also that I had someone to travel these ancient cities with!

You know you are in Italy when...

this is your view....

We booked a two day pass on the Water Taxi - which was the best advice we were given by Carolyn, who ventured to Venice, just before us... Thanks Caro!  We arrived in Venice and braved the hot crowded streets and eventually found our Monastery... 

I'm already inlove!!!! 
The entrance to our Monastery - seriously! - picture courtesy of Monastery

It felt like victory arriving...
Even when greeted by this rather stressful looking lady door knocker!!!
 I want her on my front door!

Seriously - somebody pinch me!!!
I can't believe I'm here - dreams do come true!

We showered and wasted no time hitting the streets, we both hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we took in an early supper - which was a 5Euro Pizza each!

Fatigue and jet-lag was settling in and we were both starting to feeling a bit floaty!
We were literally floating through the streets of Venice.  We quickly picked up some supplies from the grocer and headed back to the Monastery and climbed into bed... it was almost 9pm and it was still light out and the streets still full of people!

It was instant for sure - I fell hopelessly and completely in love with Venice!
I know I will need to take Digby and the girls back one day!
It felt almost surreal to be here

Renee took this picture in monochromatic by mistake...
Happy Mistake - I say!

We stopped to admire this street artist's pieces... not a bad studio space...
painting in the streets of Venice!

     I do believe this may be one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen!


  1. such sweet memories of our WONDERFUL Italian adventure! Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts about me . . . I feel EXACTLY the same way about you my beautiful friend! You made me laugh out loud, seriously, with "sweet accent" - you my friend are the one with a beautiful accent! I could listen to you speak forever with your beautiful accent and expressions ("capture" - my very most favorite) and lucky for me I had you all to myself for a few days! I LOVE the way you shared this and I hope it will be okay if I quote some of this in my Italy journal. much love, Renée

    1. ... sweetest accent! I could listen to you for hours! I love that you loved my expressions... who know that our terminology could be so different. So delightful to pick up each others differences and embrace them as our own.... of course you can use whatever you like here! I hope one day I will get to see your beautiful journal! I can't wait to work on mine... I want to work on some of the Ticket to Venice tutorials this weekend!

    2. I agree with you - I think this might be my fav part of italy so far! I think if we ever get to do this again - we should spend a week here and then Orvieto and then go see more and do the museums right! Crazy beautiful place!