Monday, 14 July 2014

It's all official - I got my visa today... 2 months to go!

I didn't want to post here until I had everything officially in place.  And that all happened all at once.  I handed in my visa papers on Thursday afternoon late.  This weekend past, I got my beautiful Welcome Pack from Bill and Kristi from Adventures in Italy.  And first thing this morning, I got a message that my visa was ready!  WHAT!!!! That was record time!!!  But now I can relax into the next two months of waiting... all I have left to do is get my travel card, art supplies, luggage and packing!  Eeeck!

But I am happy to say all the major things are done!  All the big things that make this trip possible or not.

I'm celebrating tonight!!!! 


  1. Happy celebration ;) xxx

  2. I hope this does not publish twice - seem to lose the first try!
    So...Woohooo! Too exciting. I got Bill and Kristi's Italy pack overnight and am just swooning over the contents and adventures to come. Seems we should be packing light. Any tips?? I am hopeless at that!! And are you taking an anti theft travel bag with you? So many questions :)

    1. It is so exciting!!! Not sure what an anti theft travel bag is, but it's not a bad idea. In the main cities I would be careful and alert but it's so safe in Orvieto. I did travel very lite last time, it's warm so u can take lighter clothes. And shoes. I packed things that I could mix and match etc. I did a few test runs. It will come together. U r going for a while longer. Also u can do washing at the convent. ❤️